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Auto Replenishment & SRP

MindYourService.com is able to support advanced inventory replenishment and purchase ordering. Many service companies plan future service work with service kits (picklist items). Many of these companies struggle to ensure that they have the correct inventory in advance of a service job being undertaken. What makes this even more complex is having to manually look for inventory availability when booking the job and not knowing if some of these parts will be used before the job actually takes place. MindYourService.com not only supports re-ordering based on min and max levels, it also incorporates something we like to call SRP. SRP essentially looks at all future work and the planned parts usage, taking into consideration delivery times it will automatically produce the require purchase orders. The client can also see which jobs will not have enough inventory before they are due, enabling you to be more proactive around job scheduling.

Key Features

  • Predicts future inventory requirement
  • Auto raise PO's
  • See future availabilty
  • Delivery times
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